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I am a South African trained geologist who linked dowsing to geology and magnetic fields through my own water well drilling company. I used the following methods to build up my knowledge of dowsing.

Exploration geophysics, in electrical resistivity surveys. I have located thousands of water wells with this method.

As a water well driller, I sited, drilled and cased more than a 1000 water wells in the 1980's in South Africa

I was a Mudlogging Geologist in California's Central Valley for oil and gas wells from 2005 to 2007. I geologically logged tens of miles off lithology, gas and oil horizons in the 2 mile plus deep wells I worked on.

I have used geological maps, geomagnetic maps and personal geological mapping as well as Google Earth and aerial photography to locate and confirm many water well locations.

I have successfully used tree and vegetation lineament patterns as an excellent method for detecting geological fault and fracture zones to help confirm a well site location possibility.

I look forward to teaching you the basics of dowsing in this introductory course. I hope to learn from all your questions, especially from those that I cannot answer.

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