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Sneaker Waves, Earthquakes and Tsunamis

There is a real possibility that a "SNEAKER WAVE" could knock us off our feet if we do not keep an eye on the incoming waves. These sneaker waves can knock you down and wash you out to sea. They are like mini tsunamis but without the warning of the sea first going out as you might get with tsunamis. Move to higher ground if you see a sneaker wave moving towards us. Shout to everyone around you to warn them. Do not wait for me to tell you to move to higher ground. Get off the beach as quickly as you can.


Tsunamis caused by local earthquakes or distant ones from Alaska, Japan, Indonesia, The Philippines or South America could easily drown us all if we do not get to higher ground quickly. If you feel the earth shake, leave the beach immediately. Move to higher ground. DO NOT WAIT FOR PERMISSION FROM ME OR ANYBODY ELSE. You are responsible for your own safety and life when it comes to Earthquakes and Tsunamis. ACT FAST. RUN UP THE NEAREST HILLSIDE. Use your own good judgement. There are foreshocks and aftershocks. Do not assume that the earthquake or the tsunami is the only one. There could very well be a bigger one to follow. You may easily have 3 tsunamis with wrap around and reflection tsunamis from the same single point earthquake.

Should the sea go out, quickly as if it was low tide, this could be our only warning that a tsunami is on its way. Get off the beach quickly and move to higher ground. Try to get to at least 100 feet above sea level, preferably 200 feet. Your life depends on it.

We may have only 5 minutes from the Earthquake to when the tsunami strikes if it is local earthquake. Distant Earthquakes will probably give us a few hours to half a day to vacate the beach area.

I you doubt the ferocity or danger of tsunamis, please Google on the Indonesian Earthquake of 2004 (at least 230 000 deaths) and the Japanese Earthquake of 2011(at least 15700 deaths).  Some video footage can be found on these links.


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