Recommendations letters that have made both dowser and client very happy.

11 February 2020




Chris Landau has located and assisted us with his professional dowsing services many times, over a span of thirty years.

His most recent sightings were on our property in Pezula, Kynsna, an extremely mountainous terrain and on our farm at the Vaal dam in October 2017.

The farm consists of 1 200 hectares. He spent an enormous amount of time looking for a great spot.

He found us two superb wells, both of which yielded more water than we thought possible.

We definitely recommend him as a water diviner / dowser.

Please contact myself or my husband, John Devonport, if we may be on any further assistance.


Yours sincerely




Johannesburg, South Africa


January 17, 2020


The area in which I live has a reputation and history of low producing wells.  I knew that I didn't want to spend all that money for drilling a well without locating the best location for getting the most possible water.  Therefore, I looked for a professional dowser. I looked on the internet and found Chris Landau.


After speaking with Chris I found that he not only was a dowser, but also was a geologist and past water well driller.  He quoted me a price for his service of finding the best place on my property to drill a well.


Chris came out and spent a considerable amount of time to find the absolutely best location.


I hired a well driller and as Chris had predicted I found the most amount of water at the depth he had stated.


The well output was 40 gallons a minute, which is an incredible amount as neighboring wells are only getting 1 to 2 gallons a minute.


I would recommend that anyone that is going to drill a well use Chris to locate their drilling site.  His expertise is a great investment and his consulting fee is money well spent.  


Ilene Wood

16205 Gilliam Road

Dallas OR