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This 3 hour course, is held from 10 am to 1 pm and 1pm to 4pm each day, providing you have booked on line by the previous day. Chris Landau will teach you how to use a dowsing rod and how to correlate the movement of that dowsing rod to geological faults and dikes. It is about how the magnetic fields of the geological formations twist the dowsing rod in your hand. Chris Landau, a geologist, water well driller and dowser of more than 30 year’s experience will hold this course.
Bring good strong shoes, warm clothes and water to drink to make this a most intriguing day. Dowsing is like a "magnetic sixth sense." "The Cook’s Chasm dowsing location is 3.2 miles south of Yachats in the Cape Perpetua Area on Highway 101, Oregon. Free parking is available next to the "Cook's Chasm" Bridge on Highway 101. "Thor's Well" and the "Spouting Horn" can also be seen at this location, Cook's Chasm, HWY 101. 3.2 miles south of Yachts, OR. Chris Landau will only hold the course if you book and pay for the course the day before at


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  • Beach dowsing will aim to give you a really unique experience in teaching you the art of dowsing in a no nonsense approach. You will usually be able to feel the dowsing rod move in the geological fault's or dikes/dykes magnetic field within a few minutes. Chris Landau explains why almost anyone can dowse and how the dowsing rod's movements are correlated to geological faults and dikes/dykes. He will explain the limitations of dowsing with respect to locating water, gold, oil, other minerals or crystals.

    Please bring good shoes, warm clothes and water to drink. We should all be aware of  "Sneaker Waves"  that rise higher up the beach and go further inland compared with the normal swash and backwash surges. Please move to higher ground, off the beach should you see a sneaker wave approaching. If you see the tide going out rapidly, please get off the beach rapidly. This might be an approaching Tsunami. Do not ask anybody else if they think it is happening, go with your first instincts. Act quickly. It could save your life.

  • Unless you cancel your booking on line by 8 pm the previous day, no refund will be given. As this is a service I provide by driving out to a beautiful location, please understand that I am not selling a product, so no refunds will be given if you attend the course or if you do not cancel by 8 pm the previous day. Thank you. Chris Landau.

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