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If you are near sighted, in a wheel chair or would like to learn to dowse in a moving car, I can  hold special classes that are not on the rocky beach. I dowse while being driven at 50 miles per hour, while sitting down inside a car. This is to locate large scale geological or magnetic field changes. It is best to get somebody else to drive. Dowsing while driving on roads, of course limits one to crossing only the magnetic field changes at right angles or near right angles to the direction of the car's motion.

If you are in a wheel chair, let me know and I can hold a class in a parking lot or place where it is easier to get around in a wheelchair. A motorized wheelchair is preferable. A rocky beach is not suitable for wheelchairs. Some locations such as the bridge at Cook’s Chasm can be crossed on the pedestrian walkway by wheelchair. It is an excellent place to test the dowsing rod as a fault zone with many small scale basalt dykes/dikes can be seen in the surrounding basalt bedrock, paralleling the chasm. Bring a pair of binoculars to see these features, if you remain on the bridge and do not go down to the rocky shore, so that you can see these geological features.

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